Christine, Phoenix


Working with Paige and SRT has helped me move through life with greater ease, compassion, and insight for myself and for others. Paige has a gift for coaching and guiding people, drawing upon a spiritual source that’s just pure Love. Paige makes you feel comfortable in a judgement-free atmosphere and helps you feel comfortable in your sessions. She also really helps you see where the opportunity lies for healing and growth, empowering you to make changes in your life. Personally, I’ve been able to clear lifelong blocks that led to patterns and challenges that I could not clear with talk therapy. This has helped me personally and professionally. Experiencing the work of SRT is subtle yet significant. I highly recommend Paige Warren as a skillful and insightful SRT consultant. 


Vikki, Phoenix


My first session with Paige in July of 2015 was quite powerful and I had a physical reaction I will describe as an opening to receive more energy, manifesting as a bruising (without cause) to my left foot. It was a difficult time in my life and Paige's SRT sessions were noticeably helping me shift course and find a more positive direction. The three years that followed have been remarkable and my life is very different today. I feel more coherence, clarity, inspiration and enthusiasm about life. I have consulted with Paige in combination with doing my own work, the SRT alone will not get you there, your participation is essential!

Paige also is a huge help with my cat, Max. Not only does he benefit from energetic help, but his agility is clearly improved after her restructuring sessions.

Very skilled with the modality and consistently seeking more training, Paige is intuitive, with a gift for asking the right questions. She is "no-nonsense" and gets right down to business. I highly recommend her!


Tanya - San Diego


Spirit knows! SRT was introduced to me around 2013/2014. At first it was hard for me to wrap my head around how it works. But I tried it with Paige anyways. I went into the session with a openness to allowing what ever to come through. I was amazed with what came up! With the clearing I experienced in that one session I was excited to continue self growth and clear more and more as life continues. I have used SRT for clearing nieghbors I don't get along with, home & business, lower energies, with my pets, and the biggest excitement was in the purchasing of a home. All experiences I have had with SRT with Paige as the conduit have been eye opening and accurate. She has a knack of connecting with high self in a loving and healing way. Spirit enjoy's her as communicator and clearer for me. I am sure your spirit would be receptive as well. Give it a try with an open heart and mind and my guess is that you will be quite amazed. It works, and often times really quick!


Liz, Phoenix


  • SRT and SpR have truly changed my life, and put me in touch with the love and joy that surrounds me. Regular clearings help me have better relationships and remove barriers to reaching my goals. I don't know where I would be today without SRT. Several years ago, Paige introduced me to SRT and I am eternally grateful. She saw that I was suffering and SRT helped me find peace and abundance. SRT has benefitted me in my personal relationships as well, allowing me to have a deeper understanding of the meaning of events and feelings.


Rima - Phoenix

I have done several sessions with Paige. She is passionate, learned and good at SRT. Her sessions have been accurate and highly effective for me. Paige genuinely cares about her client's wellbeing, is honest and supportive through her sessions. I highly recommend her SRT sessions. They have made a huge difference in my life! - Rima Desai


Leah, Phoenix


  • I was referred to Paige Warren by a friend for spiritual response therapy. During my session, there was recommendation to have my youngest daughter cleansed. There was an immediate improvement of our relationship. Certain roadblocks and previous negative energies were apparent, even with her only a year old. Our session brought about negative prior experiences between us, which Paige was able to clear away. Spiritual response therapy is a holistic approach to overcoming barriers brought on by the subconscious mind, which can be potentially hindering emotionally and physically. I highly recommend Paige who is extremely insightful and intuitive