General Questions

Why can a clearing be done over the phone?
In the spiritual realm, time and space do not exist. When working with SPIRIT, we are not limited by distance or time. SPIRIT is infinite intelligence. Therefore, a phone or Skype session is just as effective as an in person session.

How long will it take to notice a difference in my life after I have a clearing?
From experience, I have seen people experience major life shifts within hours of a clearing and other people experience a more gradual and subtle change. Often times, the change is so gradual, that many people forget that the clearing was the beginning of the change. Whether it be a job promotion that had been in the works for years, or getting beyond the phobia of drowning in water, I have witnessed people experience great life changes after a clearing session!


Will I need a follow up session after my initial consultation?
Some people never return for a session, where as others make clearing sessions a regular part of their life to help them with spiritual guidance and resolutions. Over time, most follow up sessions will not be as long as the initial consultation. However, that may not be the case if a person is trying to work on a more complicated situation in their life.

Who is doing the clearing?
SPIRIT/Higher Self does the clearing work. The consultant is helping to identify and translate all the information for your understanding. SPIRIT/Higher Self works upon the asking.

Can a clearing session tell me my future?
Clearing sessions do not tell the future and are not psychic readings. SRT is a system based on working with a clear intention to be in alignment with Spiritual Divine Truth. In this system, we have a way to check our Ego and Neutrality when working with individuals. It is my intention to be fully prepped to work, with a clear intention to be a neutral clear channel for SPIRIT. I respect that we all have free will and, it is free will that determines our future.