Helping Our Pets

SRT and Spiritual Restructuring for Pets


Our animals are an important part of our lives. They teach us how to give and receive love unconditionally. Animals can also have programs and challenges that need to be cleared, which is similar to humans. When animals have behavior changes or health challenges, Spiritual Response Therapy is an alternative healing modality we can give to our pets. Since animals are less complex than humans, they often respond well to both SRT and SpR. SRT works on a spiritual level, and by clearing programs (finding the root cause) we can help them live a more joyful and healthy life. Animals can have past lives where they could have experienced fear, joy or trauma. Clearing these programs from past lives can enhance and balance the lives of our animals.

Pets don’t have blocks to Spiritual Healing the way some humans can. They don’t have belief systems that get in the way to receiving healing. If you have an animal who has displayed behavior changes, repetitive injuries or health challenges, it can only help them to do a session for them. It certainly will not hurt them. I often feel it’s the least I can do to give back to the wonderful animals in my life!

My dog, Bentley, is now 14 years old. I have used SRT, Restructuring and homeopathy on him since he was  4 years old. If you are familiar with Australian Cattle Dogs, they play hard. It has been absolutely amazing to watch this animal heal from injuries without the use of traditional medicine.